3 Important Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors 2017

Important Thanksgiving Activities for seniors 2017

It’s Thanksgiving again! Millions of Americans gather with their families to celebrate the holiday. Families are preparing themselves for turkey, stuffing, gravy, casseroles, yams, and of course, the desserts! Every year this is a routine that we all know and look forward to despite the stresses and big preparations that we have to undergo and make. But of course, time will come that your yearly routine will never be the same, and one of the reason is because you are becoming a senior! This 2017, as a senior there are important activities that you need to accomplish, especially this Thanksgiving day – when members of your family are all present.

What are these important Thanksgiving activities that you need to do as a senior?

Talk about family health and medical history

Sounds weird and too serious? But come to think about it, this could turn out to be fun and very interesting. While it may not seem to be good conversation starters for everyone, this is still a perfect activity on Thanksgiving day because all members of the family are present to hear the important details of your family’s health.

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Your family medical history is important to you and your family members. Talking about it will give you and each of the members of your family a detailed history that can enable them to avoid the diseases or catch it early before it can even manifest its symptoms. Asthma, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and certain types of cancer are examples of diseases that can be hereditary and therefore should be considered in your Thanksgiving talk.

As a senior, this activity should also give you the heads-up about the possible healthcare needs and expenses you might need as you age. That way you can prepare for it so you can effectively face the health issues once it arises in your retirement stage.

conversation with family

Talk about the care you want

I understand that most of us are still a child at heart. But, let’s face the fact, even though we still like a lot of cool stuff and are a very techie person, we are already in our senior years and need to take things seriously, such as our future care. It is not that you are already hoping or preparing for the worst days in your life, but you just want to take the burden off your family or loved ones regarding decision making about what or how to take care of you when a health crisis strikes.

Since each of your loved ones has an idea or two how they should take care of you, it is still best to tell them your preferences to avoid misunderstanding between members later on. Having discussions about one’s health care wishes is part of advance care planning.

Talking to family on thanksgiving

Be ensured and be secured

After all has been said and done and conversations have been made with family, it is time to take action. November is still Medicare Open Enrollment period and a perfect time to update your Medicare plan. Now that you have finished the conversation with your family and have a clear landscape of your health history, you can now update your coverage accordingly and even add the right type of Medicare Supplement plan to expand your Original Medicare coverage. You can even take the opportunity to ask your family members to help you compare and choose which Medicare Supplement plan is right for you given the medical landscape that you have talked about earlier. That way, they are also aware of the coverage you’ll have and can manage it when the time comes that you are not mentally able.


These activities seem to be heavy to take, especially during Thanksgiving day when people are expecting to be happy and jolly. But there are ways to lighten things up! Add a lot of humor as you talk about your healthcare and enact some situations comically. You can also share with your family that it is one of the moments that you are very thankful for because you get to share these thoughts and accomplish these tasks with who else, but with them.

Wrap up your 2017 Thanksgiving day satisfied and contented knowing that you and your loved ones are all in the same page when it comes to future and possible health-related issues.


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