5 Must-Do Activities For Retired Couples To Live Happily Ever After

Working together in creating a lifestyle that you both enjoy and satisfy both of your emotional needs are the secrets to have a happy relationship in retirement.

Retirement is the time you both look forward and aspire, as you both say goodbye to your employment status. But you know what? Retirement can also be a daunting phase in your life as a couple. The previous 3-4 hours together when you are still working will be 24/7 in retirement, such change can dramatically cause stress to each of you even if you dearly love each other.  If your 24/7 lives together are unplanned, your retirement might not end up in a happily ever after but in separate ways. So, how can you prevent this from happening?  Consider these activities for retired couples and enjoy a happy relationship in your golden years.

Activities For Retired Couples  To Stay Forever

#1 Keeping health in check and secured

activities for retired couples health check

If you love someone, you’ll take care of his/ her health. As you grow old together, it is easy to see that both of you are not as physically able as you were in your younger years. Doing a health check is an act of love that shows that your partner’s well being is important. Besides, having health issues brings stress and burden to both of you that can lead to unhappiness and frustrations.

Secure your health needs. Just as much as physical pain, illness of a partner can also become painful emotionally, socially, spiritually and of course, financially. Consequently, securing your possible health care needs can preserve happiness in your relationship. In retirement, Medicare is one of the options that can help you as a couple, pay for your medical costs. But since it doesn’t cover all of your medical bills, you might as well get a Medicare supplement plan to cover the remaining bill. Without a Medicare supplement plan, also known as Medigap plans, the out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare will leave you, can still be heavy. As a couple, take time to have this coverage in place.  Together, compare different plans side by side using the updated Medigap comparison chart. Since you have known each other for a long time you can choose which plans will best work for each other’s needs while ensuring that it is within your retirement budget.

Find a Medicare supplement option that will help you manage your healthcare costs effectively in the future. Download our Ultimate Medigap Guidelines today!  

#2 Gardening

activities for retired couples Gardening

Having an interest and hobby or two that you do as a couple will serve as your bonding together and keep your relationship happy. One of those things is gardening! Turn off the tv and get outside! How fun it is to watch plants grow that the two of you have planted and taken care.

If you don’t have an actual garden or a patio, you can build a set an area in a window or a free spot in your house for a little garden. Consider potted plants or hanging plants. Just creating your little garden can be a satisfying reward to you as a couple in addition to the new look it gives to your house.

You can grow your own vegetables and have a source of organic food! That way, you save some money, you eat healthy foods and you also helped our environment.

#3 Go fishing, boating or both!

activities for retired couples Fishing

There is a saying (or at least for those who did this), “couples who fish and boat together, stays together.” Couples who have been out on the water together describe their experience as relaxing, exciting, playful and romantic. For your retirement have a spark like you have when you are just new, go on fishing and boating together!

#4 Adopt a pet

activities for retired couples pet

If you two love animals or pets but did not have the opportunity to have one when you are still working, now is the time. Caring for pets in retirement are not only a fun activity for couples but also its effects on wellbeing can make relationships happier.

But if the place you live restricts pets, don’t be discourage as you still have other options to fulfill this activity. You can volunteer at a nearby animal shelter, offer a friend to walk or take care of their pet from time to time.

#5 Volunteer together

activities for retired couples volunteer

Sharing even in a small way helps keep the mind sharp, gives something to look forward to and provides a sense of purpose and contribution. In addition, volunteering can deepen your bond and offer new views on your partner. According to Dr. Pepper Schwartz,  love and relationship expert, “If you teach together, or work on almost anything that helps the lives of others, your mutual dependency and collaboration is a powerful bond. It far exceeds almost any other way of being together. It’s uplifting—and even romantic.”

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