Retirement Planning Special (Part 2): The Best Baby Boomer Gift is a Secured and Happy Future

Welcome to the second part of our Retirement Planning Special. With Christmas just a few days from now, we at FreeMedSuppQuotes will be discussing how Medicare supplement insurance plans can be a great gift for the baby boomer generation. Think of this type of coverage as a unique way to secure one’s health and wealth during the golden years.

And like we mentioned in our previous article, we’d be more than happy for you to share this article. It’s the season of giving – let’s have more people gain access to Medicare supplement information!


A Baby Boomer Christmas Today

The times are changing when it comes on how most retirees celebrate the holiday. In an informal poll conducted by Liz Conroy for Boom Athens, instead of material possessions, boomers receive more “experiential” and “substantial” presents instead. From concert and travel tickets to products from local and small town businesses, holiday gifts nowadays are meant to provide lasting memories.

Less clutter for gifts that make a difference – an exciting standpoint that millennials today are slowly letting boomers understand. True, a Christmas tree may seem awkward without all these presents below it, but gifts that lead to a memorable experience is definitely worth more than another mug!

In essence, more gifts that allow boomers and their loved ones to experience the most out of life is a present that can bring in the joy during the golden years. Isn’t this what the holidays are supposed to be, to treasure relationships and love?

Medicare Supplements’ Lasting Gifts

As such, a Medicare supplement insurance plan (otherwise known as Medigap) is an excellent present to give out these holidays. Regardless if it’s an actual purchase of a policy, guiding a parent in learning more about coverage, or setting a meeting with an agent to understand more on how plans work, taking the step to own this insurance will lead to a brighter, happier, and secured future.     

Here are some of the benefits one can get from a Medigap policy:

Minding the Gaps

Previously, we’ve discussed on how Medicare supplement plans help in paying for the gaps in Original Medicare coverage. Addressing these out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance costs can spell the difference in safeguarding a baby boomer’s hard-earned retirement funds. Placing a security net so that seniors can set aside money is a good way to live a fulfilling retirement. Every dollar counts during this period, so a Medigap coverage will definitely count.

The Ability to Choose a Medigap Plan

Private insurance companies sell Medicare supplement insurance plans. Also, there are ten standardized plans for applicants to choose from. What these all means is that potential policyholders have the power to choose an agent to seek help from, and a plan that will best fit their circumstances and budget. Depending as well on the purchased policy, Medigap plans differ from the scope of coverage and benefits offered. Make sure to contact an agent to clarify any sort of Medicare supplement issue.

No Network Restrictions

Medigap plans also provide policyholders the advantage to choose and receive medical service from trusted physicians and experts. This is an essential feature that boomers should benefit from, especially if one is wary of asking help from a stranger. Without the limitation of seeking help from a designated list of doctors, policyholders are now able to receive assistance and care from preferred medical professionals. Another way of seeing how beneficial this feature is that it brings and gives back the control to baby boomers – which should always be the case!

Will Fly, No Problem

Considering the chosen plan and the no network restriction feature, Medigap policyholders have the option to fly abroad and still be covered by the insurance. Through foreign travel coverage, baby boomers who plan to travel during the retirement years or fly to warmer climates during the winter months are given the peace of mind they deserve.

A Special Mention to Female Baby Boomers

We’d also like to take the opportunity to briefly explain how a Medigap plan will greatly benefit female boomers. A stated in the Scientific American, women have a longer lifespan than men. Longevity, a blessing in itself, may also be a curse when it comes to one’s finances. Couple the additional years with the perils of gender wage gaps and lack of income; then you’ll realize that women are at risk during the twilight years.

This is why women enrolling for Medicare supplements make sense.  By addressing the financial aspects and health coverage, a female boomer may just transform her retirement period into the best years of her life. A Medicare supplement insurance plan may just be the perfect gift that female boomers will truly treasure. Please contact an agent for more information and benefits a woman can gain from Medigap.

Happy Holidays from FreeMedSuppQuotes

We wish everyone a wonderful and safe time this holiday season. Do expect exciting content from us this 2017. Please share the love, joy, and this article this Christmas!

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