The Best Retirement Plans Involve Traveling


As the month comes to an end, we’d like to emphasize the idea of why the best retirement plans involve including the thought (and hopefully, implementation) of traveling. And as you readers can see in our previous articles these past few weeks, we’ve definitely caught the travel bug!

But, yes, travel is indeed an important part of the best retirement plans. Transamerica’s 17th annual retirement report last year, Perspectives on Retirement: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials, revealed that travel is the top dream among workers in the country. With the majority of boomers having that goal in mind, a more efficient and practical retirement plan needs to be enforced.

However, we won’t be discussing how one should strictly prepare for the twilight years. Circumstances differ for each individual, such as one’s savings or health condition, but the common goal of being able to travel should serve as a useful motivational tool to plan ahead. The important aspect that we want everyone to know about is that traveling, regardless if it’s near or far, can allow baby boomers to maximize and make the most out of their golden years!

Also, we’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone, that regardless of their unique circumstances, equipping and learning more about retirement solutions such as Medicare Supplemental Policies (Medigap) is an excellent way to move retirement plans ahead. And when it comes to traveling, there are certain Medigap policies that provide foreign travel coverage as well. As such, we encourage boomers and fellow retirement planners to always search for free Medicare Supplement quotes online, or take the time to speak with an insurance agent to learn more about available Medigap options.

Without further ado, let’s discuss more on why traveling is an important component of the best retirement plans. We hope that the reasons we’ve listed below will help push you to achieve your retirement travel goal – we believe everyone deserves to experience all the beauty the world has to offer!


1) Beneficial for Your Health

One of our previous retirement travel posts, 2017 Travel Destinations for Fun Retirement, not only pointed out the best places for retirees to visit. We’ve also mentioned several perks that these locations bring, such as sunny weather and exciting cultures to immerse in, but one particular benefit that boomers will surely delight in is potentially cheaper health services. Health care abroad, such as in Malaysia and Mexico, are not only affordable compared to what is priced in the U.S., but valued with quality and trusted service as well. Boomers who plan to travel (and migrate, if they choose so) can be assured that their wellbeing is in trusted hands abroad.

Additionally, being able to travel during the golden years can be a great physical and mental exercise. Depending on the travel destination (mainly, those in exotic locales), you may find yourself running and carrying your luggage around. Even in urban metros, being and moving together with the flow of people can serve as a workout!

Boost your brainpower as well when traveling by learning a new language. Speaking a foreign tongue will not only serve as good mental exercise – it’s also a practical way to engage locals in your planned destination. Also, simply searching for the best travel deals, researching on a new culture, and negotiating senior discounts will surely give your brain a much-needed workout!

And also, when it comes to culture, what better way to stay – potentially – healthy during your trips than trying out a new cuisine? A gastronomic experience, keep an open mind and try to taste the different and new flavors in your desired destination. Who knows, a fresh and new culinary delight may just be the diet you’d need for your health.

But as always, we’d like to stress out the importance of first seeking a doctor’s advice before setting out for an excursion. A checkup will help you determine if you are physically fit to travel. Also, allegories and other diseases may need to be considered. Please ask a medical expert of any medication or vaccines for your retirement trip!


2) One Small Step for You, One Giant Leap Towards Significant Happiness

The best retirement plans should also focus on bringing happiness to one’s life. And travel can provide some healthy dose of sunshine in anyone’s life. Especially for boomer couples, the chance to nurture or even mend a relationship can be done during a trip. Having something to share, creating memories to talk about, and just simply being together in a strange and exciting location are all reasons for boomer couples to have a stronger connection with each other.

Single boomers looking for love can also find it during a trip. Whether with a fellow tourist or a wonderful local, traveling opens up opportunities to meet, savor, and be part of new relationships. There is, in fact, a growing number of single boomers migrating to different countries above – and spending the rest of their days with their new love of their lives!

But an even better way to experience happiness during your travels is by simply immersing in a new culture. This works even better if you will engage with and be part of communities that have a simpler way of life compared to what you are normally used to – the experience may just very well give you a new appreciation for life, by valuing moments and relationships over material possessions.

To emphasize more on the social connections created during travels, boomers stand to gain a lot from all these interactions. Social isolation, a devastating condition that may lead to various sorts of anxieties, is observed to be growing amongst boomers. By being able to engage with other individuals, and more importantly, forging stronger bonds with each other, boomer tourists can avoid being in an emotional slump. Besides, life has so much to offer, and being able to travel allows one to see the beauty of life!


3) Potential Savings

Speaking of material possessions, traveling in a frugal manner may give you a better view and take on how to manage money. For boomers who plan to travel and eventually settle down abroad, the experience may give the most out of their savings. This is because that most countries have a lower standard of living, effectively stretching one’s retirement savings.

For tourists who just want to explore the world, the journey itself can lead to one transforming into a more practical person. By valuing experiences over material possessions and money, a boomer tourist can make some adjustments that’ll prove to be beneficial even back at home. Let’s take, for example, a newfound appreciation for foreign cuisine. The interest in food may result in a boomer learning how to cook meals, effectively saving up on expenses back home.

Another example that can lead to more savings for retirement is the influence gained by a tourist immersing in a foreign community. Living the simple way, enjoying what the small blessings have to offer, and, if possible, living off the earth, are some great reasons why boomers can gain a lot from traveling. The new worldview that one can get from traveling is a gift worth treasuring!


4) Transforming the Golden Years into How You Always Wanted it to Be

The best retirement plans, more often than not, allow one to be the person they truly want to be. After all, a lifetime spent working hard just to secure enough funds for a comfortable future deserves a wonderful surprise at the end. With traveling offering the many benefits stated above, a boomer tourist may just transform his or her dream persona into reality.

Think about it: going on a trip offers an escape from routine, allowing one to experience and learn new ideas. Travel offers one an opportunity to step out of his or her comfort zone, to bask in new, strange, and enlightening moments. What better way than to celebrate the glory of the retirement years than wandering the world? And best of all, being a better version of yourself, even during the journey?


Additional Tip(s): Stay Safe and Happy, Everyone

Lastly, we all wish everyone to stay safe during their travels. Safety should always be prioritized, for a tourist to make the most out of a trip. As such, here are some quick and easy safety travel reminders:

  • Pack light
  • Confirm details with travel agents or agencies
  • Do some research on the hotel you’re staying
  • If you’re part of a tour, reaffirm emergency procedures with the tour guide
  • Inform friends and loved ones where you’re traveling
  • Stay connected at all times

Additionally, please check our previous article, 6 Safe Travel Hacks Perfect for the Golden Years, for more tips and tricks on safe travels.


Bon Voyage!

We hope that the reasons we’ve listed will make you realize how traveling links to the best retirement plans. And, of course, we also hope all the best that you’ll be able to wander and experience the many wonders of this planet. If you have any other reasons (or safety tips) to include, please don’t hesitate to comment below. We truly value your feedback – we do hope to hear from you, for us to create more engaging content. Have fun and enjoy your dream travels!

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