New Beginnings, New Opportunities for Wonderful Retirement Years


2017 holds a lot of promise for baby boomers. As such, we’ve listed some amazing news that will surely motivate you in creating a wonderful future for you, your friends, and family. Here are some of the latest baby boomer news on creating new beginnings – and opportunities – for your tomorrow!

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Covering the Bases: Different Medicare plans cover certain diabetes supplies

When planning for Medicare coverage, make sure you are enrolled in the right plan. Amy Rubino’s post for the Capital Gazette answers some of the most common questions when it comes to diabetes and Medicare coverage. Ensuring that you have purchased the right policies – and knowledge on coverage – will result in significant savings.


The big wave of aging baby boomers is coming

Lloyd Alter’s post for the Mother Nature Network brings to light an interesting perspective on how we should view housing solutions for boomers. Citing that a “malady-based” approach may not be an effective angle, Alter states that more should consider boomers on how they are right now – they’re actually “feeling great,” with no need of such housing features yet! Overreliance on technology also plays a significant factor, but we won’t spoil more on this really interesting article (please do read it!).


10 essential baby boomer movies

Start the year right with some baby boomer flicks! As compiled by the Sioux City Journal, these films can not only define boomers – they may very well motivate older adults in securing their futures! After all, inspiration comes in all forms, and movies just may be the key for some people to seek a brighter tomorrow.


Baby Boomers Could Spark Affordable Housing Boom

In line with retirement housing options, Casey Dowd reports for Fox Business of possible affordable homes that boomers can take advantage of. As retirees grow in number, perhaps realty companies may want to target this large market!


Is it time for financial advisers to change their messaging around retirement?

Our last post for this month’s roundup is something for our readers to ponder on. Perhaps financial, LTC, and retirement experts (us, included) need to change the way we send our message. As Maribeth Kuzmeski proposes on her InvestmentNews post, with the young generations seeking more solutions that aren’t retirement-centric, should we all change the way we view the golden years?

We hope that this year is the start to a wonderful future. Hooray for new beginnings! Do you have other news or topics you’d want to be featured on our Monthly Reports? Please send us a message or leave a comment below!

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