These New Year Resolutions Will Make Retirement Even More Wonderful this 2017

This 2017, choose to make a difference when preparing for the retirement years. We here at FreeMedSuppQuotes would like to share some New Year resolutions that will sure brighten up your golden years. Think of these suggestions as motivational tools for you – and your family – to secure your desired future.

Also, please do share this article! Not only do we want more people to have a fresher and lighter perspective in preparing for their tomorrows. But we’d like to start a chain of positive resources this year, especially when it comes to retirement. We’ve all had our share of horror stories and negative news last year – let’s start something wonderful instead this New Year!


More often than not, most people create a list of New Year resolutions with the hope that these will help them change for the better. From eating healthy to changing spending habits, all sorts of topics can be listed to help one improve on various aspects of their lives. We’d like to do our own spin on this practice, by listing down several easy – yet rewarding – resolutions to help one face the retirement years.

And also, to be more specific in retirement planning, these resolutions are focused on Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans. This approach should also help interested applicants to learn more about these policies, without having to go through a whole chunk of text (yes, we do understand that Medicare Supplements can be a complicated topic to digest!).

Let’s head on over to the first New Year resolution:

(1) I will learn more about Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans…

…through a mix of both online and offline resources, granted that Medicare Supplemental Plans (also known as Medigap) can be a subject far too complicated to understand in one sitting. It would then make perfect sense to learn more about this type of insurance through different resources and channels. After all, what may work for one may not be for another, right?

For starters, here are a few suggestions on how to learn more about Medigap policies:

Through an Agent

Private insurance companies sell Medicare Supplemental policies. As such, getting information straight from the source would offer you a deeper understanding of how plans work. Since there are ten Medigap standardized plans offered, speaking with an agent will also allow you to find a policy that will best suit your circumstances.

Government Sites

Make sure to go for legitimate resources when checking Medigap information online. is the official site for everything about Medigap policies. Using this site as a reference to crosscheck information is an excellent way to check if the information given to you is relevant and up-to-date.

Blog and Video Sites

Alternatively, learn more about Medicare Supplements through agent videos and Medigap blogs. Getting a different perspective on how insurance is explained may allow you to absorb information in a faster and more efficient manner. Videos, in particular, are a good medium to explain insurance policies to individuals who struggle reading long content.

From Other Baby Boomers

One of the best ways to learn about Medigap plans is to speak with policyholders. This way, you’ll get to see firsthand how policies work. Also, Baby Boomer policyholders may also give you advice on how to look for a plan and on other important details you should consider during retirement.

(2) I will look for an Agent…

…who will work with me in making my desired future a reality. Potential Medigap applicants have the option to choose which private insurance company to purchase a plan from. This means that you can not only shop Medicare Supplement quotes at an affordable price but for you to have the chance to pick an agent who you are comfortable working with as well. The power to choose is one of the best benefits that purchasing a Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides – it’s best to harness it to your advantage!

(3) I will choose to stay Happy and Calm…

…because my future deserves that kind of positivity.  As we mentioned, 2016 has been a rather bad year when it comes to retirement and health care news. Starting the year right on a positive note will sure bring in a bigger difference, both when it comes to planning for your future and retirement itself. Always seeing the glass as half-full and always searching for the silver lining are good ways to cope up with any problems you may face this year. Besides, everyone deserves to be happy. Why not decide to be cheerful for a change?

We hope that these resolutions will help you have a fantastic 2017. Remember, change begins with you, and this New Year offers you an opportunity to make great beginnings to happen. Let the good times roll in by deciding to live a better life! Happy New Year, everyone, and we wish you all a wonderful 2017.

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