7 Perks of Turning 65 that You Should Be Thankful For

Welcome to the age of geezerdom! We can’t deny the fact that you already entered the ultimate senior age. There are wrinkles, gray hairs, vision and hearing loss and aches and pains anywhere in your body. But before you fret, know that there’s no need to dread getting older. There are actually lots of perks of turning 65 because it is the age when the entire worlds of benefits open up to you! There are many perks of growing older, especially if your finances are concerned.

the perks of turning 65

Let’s explore some of these perks of turning 65 that you should be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving day:

Perk 1: Medicare Eligibility

Some illnesses come along as you age, and most of the times it requires medical attention. Health care services can be quite expensive especially if you have to pay for it out-of-your-pocket. Thankfully, once you turn 65, you are eligible to apply for Medicare coverage. Though Medicare only covers up to 80% of your healthcare costs; you can still fill the remaining costs through a Medicare supplement plan which have ten standardized plans that you can choose from. Compare the types of Medicare Supplement plans as well as the prices of various insurance companies before enrolling to ensure that it will fit your needs and budget.

Perk 2: Travel Discounts, Memberships, Entertainment

Now is the time to pursue your dreams of traveling to places you never been to before. There are hotels, rental car companies and some airlines that will provide to seniors who are above a certain age or AARP members.

You can also keep your boredom at bay because there are numerous retails stores, restaurants, and organizations that give a hefty amount of discounts to those who are already 65 years old.

Perk 3: Physical Fitness Perks

Boomers are known for being healthy lifestyle conscious peeps. The good news is, many communities offer discounted memberships or free physical fitness programs to those ages 65 or older. You can check on your local community centers and fitness clubs about the best deals they have. Other gyms such as SilverSneakers offer free gym membership to those who are already Medicare beneficiary.

perks of turning 65

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Perk 4: Collect Retirement Plan

Finally, after years of saving for retirement, you get to withdraw it without penalty and enjoy it to your heart’s desire or spend it on what matters most.

Perk 5: Free College

Education knows no age. If you want to study again or pursue the college course of your dream, then take the opportunity to do so.  There are public colleges and some private institutions that allow older people to audit classes for free or at very low cost on space available classes. There are also about over 100 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes on college campuses that offer affordable classes specifically for retirees.

Perk 6: Social Security Benefit

Received the most from your Social Security benefits by applying for them at a later age. You can apply for it three months before your 66 birthday to make it on your full retirement age or still delay it until you are 70.

Perk 7: Senior Centers

If you have decided to retire at age 65, now is the time to meet a lot of people! Visit your local senior centers to find more benefits to keep you active and at the same time enjoy the company of your other people with same age.



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