Understanding Medigap with the FreeMedSuppQuotes Checklist (Infographic)

It’s a grind – comprehending the benefits of applying for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (Medigap) can be frustrating. There’s just too much information to digest! This is why we at FreeMedSuppQuotes would want to introduce an easier way for you to understand and realize the importance of this insurance policy.

Please spread the word as well! We want more people to get a clearer understanding of how Medicare Supplements can help create a brighter future with this infographic.

Medigap plans offer baby boomers a chance to have a brighter and more comfortable future. But one of the major concerns with this insurance policy is in understanding how coverage and applying for a plan works. Sure, there is a lot of information available online. But learning more about the policy can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Spare yourself the trouble of searching for crucial Medicare Supplemental Insurance information and save time in getting the right plan. We’re happy to share helpful Medigap tips in an easy-to-digest checklist! We’ve listed as well several reasons on why a Medigap checklist will be essential in your retirement plans:

Download the PDF version and you will also get “Reasons Why Medigap is Worth It”, a bonus part of the checklist that highlights key points why a Medicare Supplement Plan is essential in your retirement plan. 

Help Comprehend Basic Information Faster

Time is of the essence when enrolling in a Medicare Supplement Insurance program. A Medigap checklist will help you get the essential information you’d need to know without going over several blocks of text online. Also, the checklist can be saved on your mobile device (or even printed) to serve as an actual reference whenever you need to look up details.

To Compare Information with Agents

Having information on-the-go may prove to be helpful once you talk with agents. Go through the list with an agent to get a plan that will best suit your needs.

A Step Before Requesting Medicare Supplement Quotes

A checklist should also serve as a helpful reminder of important details to consider before inquiring about a policy. Having a reference to look up to will allow you to give more accurate information to help an agent give you a more appropriate quote. Likewise, you can check for more information and request for more information on Medicare Supplement Quotes on our site.

Gateway into More Retirement Solutions

A Medicare Supplements checklist will also help you in coming up with more ideas and solutions to tackle during retirement planning.


The FreeMedSuppQuotes Medigap checklist is free and available for download. You can share the checklist on your blogs or websites, just please credit us and include a link back to us.

All the best in planning for your brighter future!


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